Youth Ministry Fundraising at the Mayo Civic Center

This fall a number of our adults have attended a manager training to make it possible to do fundraising during events held at the Mayo Civic Center while doing concessions.

Here are the requirements to do this fundraiser

-        All students age 14 and up and adults will Earn an hourly wage of at least $9.50 per hour

-        If you are unable to fulfill a shift, it’s your responsibility to find a sub

-        You must wear black pants with a white t-shirt

-        You can’t wear leggings but you should wear comfortable shoes

•        Every event will require at least 4 students and one trained adult as the manager

•        We will likely meet at church 30 minutes prior to the events we work at so we can carpool

We will post available opportunities to this page

We are seeking staff for an event with 2 start times on 12/15. You can sign up for it at

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